One of Andy’s most recent achievements has seen him feature in an episode of the iconic British television programme, Bargain Hunt! In celebration of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which is returning to the UK after 25 years, a special edition of Bargain Hunt has been commissioned – with two teams of famous faces going bargain hunting, who formerly represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Presented by Natasha Raskin Sharp, the celebrities will be joined by experts Charles Hanson and Thomas Forrester who will help them to select the bargains to take to auction. On the red team, we will see Cheryl Baker and SuRie, and on the blue team, we will see Carrie Grant and Andy, battling it out to make the most at auction!

This very special edition of Bargain Hunt is set to air on the 12th of May 2023, don’t miss it!